The Kaolin Gold Server

  • $30.00

Tea Server 

Using the most superior clay; the Yuni style kaolin clay, as raw material and combining this with 18K gold sprinkling leads to an abstract piece of art. We see two things: A superior quality handmade tea server and: A white sky filled with flying, golden bats. 

In addition to the best raw material (Yuni Kaolin) and strict glazing process, the design of the handmade server must feels great in your hands and the tea must float smoothly into your tea cup. These two musts are our guarantee, they make the difference between an average and a high quality, handmade tea server. Next to these two will the tea server protect your from burning your hands, just by design. This tea server is a delight to use, the sun on the waves for your eyes and teases the mind with its abstract design. 



Width of server:   8cm,  3.15''

Height of server:  8.7cm,  3.42''




Length:  14cm, 5.51''

Width:   14cm,  5.51''

Height:  11.5cm,  4.53''



Weight of the server :                                          137.3 gram, 4.84oz 

Weight of the packaging:                                     423.7 gram, 14.95oz 

Weight of server and packaging together:           561.0 gram, 19.79oz  

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