The Crane | Handmade Tea Set

  • $148.00

This wonderful handmade set of Gaiwan, server and six cups comes with a beautiful crane pattern. Painted in famous blue and white "Qinghua" style, it resembles a crane rapidly going up to the clouds. The clouds painted on the tea cups represent good fortune and happiness. The shapes of tea server and Gaiwan echo each other, they belong together.

To avoid burning your fingers when steeping tea, always choose handmade porcelain teaware, and make sure it is well designed. A Gaiwan is considered the best tea ware for steeping wonderful tea. Although "Gaiwan" is a combination of two words, the "Gai" 盖 (Cover) and "Wan" 碗 (Bowl), it often comes with a collet. When all these three parts of the Gaiwan are in perfect harmony, they symbolize the unity of nature and humankind.

All too often Gaiwans are designed to simply look good, but that won’t help you when you drink tea every day. When you buy tea ware through The Porcelain Company, you can be assured the design has been tested and approved for its usability and quality.




Width:   9.1cm,  3.58''

Height:  9.6cm,  3.78''


Width:   7.1cm,  2.8''

Height:  7.6cm,  2.99''


Width:   6.0cm,  2.36''

Height:  5.1cm,  2.01''



Length:  35.1cm, 13.82''

Width:   25.9cm,  10.20''

Height:  12.6cm,  4.96''


Weight of the porcelain gaiwan:                   244.0 gram, 8.61oz

Weight of the server:                                    125.5.gram, 4.43oz

Weight of the cups (x6):                                51.2 gram, 1.818oz (10.68oz in total)

Weight of tea ware and packaging combined: 2015gram, 71,1oz

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