Wholesale | Handmade Porcelain Tea Ware

Handmade porcelain is necessary for good quality leaf tea. Many professional tea shops and porcelain ware sellers are aware of this and interested in selling handmade porcelain from The Porcelain Company to their customers. When using high quality porcelain, your taste experience will be enhanced, the color of the tea will be more beautiful, you won't need a sieve anymore and you won't burn you finger because of hot ceramics. As a result, steeping great tea leaves becomes a rather joyful experience, something to look forward to. 







Therefore we provide now the opportunity to register as a wholesale customer, with an own user account.

Through this wholesale account, retailers can become a seller of the porcelain of The Porcelain Company Ltd. Two discount types are available*:
1. - First time wholesale buying discount
2. - Loyal wholesale discount

Apply here: https://theporcelaincompany.com/account/register 






Wholesale customers with a wholesale account can see all their own prices on the website and order directly with the applied discounts.

When a wholesale customer has its own exclusive range of products, then nobody else can see these products.

Any question, pls contact Renco through the contact form: https://theporcelaincompany.com/pages/contact-us 

* The wholesale discount will be applied by the admin of The Porcelain Company, after the customer applied for their user account. We will inform the customer directly once the discount has been applied.