About us

We started The Porcelain Company to make a difference.

Through us, tea drinkers all over the world enjoy the highest quality handmade porcelain from the world capital of porcelain: Jingdezhen. At the same time, porcelain artists from Jingdezhen craft the products they love the most and make a living doing so: Only unique handmade porcelain, using the best quality clay (Kaolin 高岭土, the famous raw material, originally from the mountains around Jingdezhen).

The Porcelain Company

The various kinds of porcelain which Jingdezhen´s local artists produce are simply wonderful and very special. However, many tea drinkers and shops face difficulties to find this high quality tea ware.

Just holding and looking at this finest porcelain makes you realize how special this product is. Then, when you start using it for steeping your tea, you realize that the cover of the Gaiwan fits just perfect, that no leaves get out, only the tea you like to drink, there is no need for a sieve! If you often burn your fingers while steeping your tea, it is because the quality of the porcelain you're using is not good enough. With handmade porcelain you won't burn your fingers. The craftsmanship of a very experienced porcelain artist will take care of this.

The more people use porcelain designed and made by artists, the higher the change that this fine tradition of thousands of years of craftsmanship will survive.

If you want your own design, we can help you to find the most suitable artist to produce the cup or Gaiwan of your choice; it will be an item you may pass on for generations and generations. And don't be afraid to use it every day for drinking great leaf tea: if your unique porcelain tea ware accidentally breaks, we'll take care that the artist will make a new one for you, of course with a discount. Besides, a real high quality porcelain does not fade and won´t stain over time – you can always wash it clean.

We are there for you and the local artists, if you just want to buy one cup, then we deliver one small cup. If you want hundreds of tea sets, all slightly different, we will take care you'll receive them. And if you want bigger volumes of handmade porcelain and just need one design, we will give you discount based on the costs the artists can save by doing so.

If you have a tea shop and you'd like to start selling products of The Porcelain Company, please contact us for opportunities to cooperate. We won't require you to use our brand name, we only require you to care about using the best clay, the best craftsmanship and unique designs.