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Natural environment, healthy tea

About Teazaar

We are dreaming of a completely natural tea world, where all tea farms are natural, biodiverse and contribute to a healthier environment. A tea world where tea masters can hand-process all their teas, leading to endless varieties of wonderful teas. For all tea drinkers in the world to enjoy. We are convinced that healthy tea must be produced in a healthy environment. 

This could be easily done when giving natural tea farms the opportunity to sell their teas directly to tea lovers all over the world. With the internet today, using e-commerce platform to buy and sell tea, tea drinkers just select tea from natural tea farms and teas from polluted areas would just slowly disappear. 

Yes, I thought the same!

The problem is that most tea drinkers have no idea what they're actually drinking and most tea companies their business model is based on big quantities and low prices. Pointing at each-other about the negative effects monoculture tea farms, polluted water, and depleted soils. And it's true, if you want to make money in the tea world, you should be selling low-quality tea with additives and certificates. Moreover, you shouldn't ask too many questions. 

No label

This is why Teazaar is not a business, we're not here to make money. We just want to help, make a difference. We don't like labels, we don't call ourselves a nonprofit or a company, by being different we try to make a difference. We don't give up on asking questions and making the tea world as transparent as possible. We focus on what we want to achieve: A natural environment, with healthy tea for everyone. 

And yes, we do have a limited company, because otherwise we can't receive any funds and paying the tea farmers for doing all the hard work. Yes, we decided to design a beautiful package, because we want to make good tea available for everyone because only then the tea world can become natural. Moreover, we would like to make a profit one day, because there is so much research needed to understand how nature works, what local biodiversity is and how it's most suitable for the best natural tea. We would like to set up a demonstration tea farm, where everyone is welcome to study how to grow and process tea.

Tell the world

We need to go into the world and tell about natural tea, let people experience themselves how natural tea tastes. We know that when tea drinkers are giving a clear choice between a natural tea from a biodiverse tea farm and a chemical tea from a monoculture farm, managed with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, tea drinkers always choose the natural one. This message is of the utmost importance, and we are devoted to this duty.

Because we have experience in the tea industry and we can see what goes wrong, we feel responsible to do something about it. Please send us a message when you want to help. 

A simple solution 

When natural tea growers sell better than the not-natural ones, slowly more tea growers will start growing their tea in a natural way. If you buy your tea through Teazaar, more tea growers will join the Teazaar community. When most of the tea is natural, chemical tea will disappear, because no one even dares to drink it. 

When almost all tea is natural, tea farmers don't need our help anymore and we can focus on sustainable packaging (biodegradable or forever ones), sustainable logistics (sailboats, electrical cars) and all these other necessary tasks to change the tea world into a completely sustainable one. 

Support nature, support tea masters, build a sustainable tea world together: buy your tea through Teazaar from biodiverse tea farms. 

Natural Tea is Healthy Tea

We are convinced that the only healthy tea is a natural tea. 

We often see advertisement about healthy green tea, healthy white tea, puerh tea, etc. But, when this tea is not from a natural tea farm, it just cannot be healthy. What you're drinking is a product grown with chemicals from depleted soil and polluted water. 

We are not doctors, but we don't see any reason to drink tea from unhealthy, not natural tea farms. This is what Teazaar tries to change. 

All Tea Areas

Artisan Tea

When passionate tea masters hand-process your tea, every single batch of tea will be unique. The end-result depend on so many factors, that only experienced tea masters can manage them. On Teazaar, you'll find these tea masters and you can ask them any question about the tea they made for you. It goes without saying, that the leaves they process are from natural tea farms.

These days, most of the teas we drink are processed in factories. The more we buy tea from tea masters, the more unique teas we'll find. On the long run, more young people will study how to make good tea, and don't need to work in factories anymore.

All Tea Masters

Healthy Soil

Nothing grows without a healthy soil. A tea farmer just needs to take care that the soil is in optimal condition, then the tea will grow themselves. The Teazaar team visits all these tea farms and takes care that the grower does a good job. 

Unfortunately, many tea farms don't have a healthy soil. Moreover, this issue is solved with adding chemical fertilizers. When this causes pests, then the problem is solved with other chemicals.

Teazaar stays far away from these tea farms. We believe that when tea from healthy tea farms sells best, then all tea farms will slowly turn into healthy ones.

All Tea Varieties

Change The World Of Tea

When you drink natural tea, you support a healthy environment. The more we choose tea from biodiverse tea growers, the more growers will follow their approach. 

Our Mission