Your personal tea set from Jingdezhen | Handmade Porcelain Tea Set

  • $96.00

This high quality hand-made tea set consists of a Gaiwan and four cups without any patterns or designs. As an example, we show here the name of Pincharensheng (品茶人生), a China based organic tea company we cooperate with.

The patterns or design can be uniquely tailored to your branding or any message, you would like us to paint on it. Even design and production of a single, very unique tea set is possible. It is very simple: you buy the basic set, then just leave us a message with the design you'd like on your tea set here and we will produce it especially for you. 




Width:   8.5cm,  3.35''

Height:  10.0cm,  3.94''


Width:   5.0cm,  1.97''

Height:  5.3cm,  2.09''



Length:  36.5cm, 14.37''

Width:   15.2cm,  6.18''

Height:  12.4cm,  4.89''



Weight of the porcelain gaiwan:                   201.7 gram, 7.11oz

Weight of the cups (x4):                                44.3 gram, 1.56oz (6.24oz in total)

Weight of tea ware and packaging together: 1645 gram, 50oz 


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