Sea Water | Handmade Tea Set

  • $138.00

The decor of this tea set resembles the waves of sea water, symbolizing good fortune and happiness. Please note the special shape of the tea server. 

The tea set contains a Gaiwan, one tea server and six cups.The Gaiwan consists of cover, bowl and collet, this three-unity symbolizes the unity of nature and mankind.

When choosing a tea set, a beautiful design is not just the only condition but also its usability. Thus, your perfect quality tea set is a combination of attraction to your eyes and craftsmanship for your hands. Only when this is achieved, the Jingdezhen artists and The Porcelain Company have done a good job.




Width:   9.0cm,  3.54''

Height:  9.5cm,  3.74''


Width:   7.8cm,  3.07''

Height:  6.1cm,  2.40''


Width:   5.5cm,  2.17''

Height:  4.7cm,  1.85''



Length:  35cm, 13.78''

Width:   26cm,  10.24''

Height:  14cm,  5.5''


Weight of the porcelain gaiwan:                   234.5 gram, 8.27oz

Weight of the server:                                    109.3 gram, 3.86oz

Weight of the cups (x6):                                50.6 gram, 1.79oz (10.74oz in total)

Weight of tea ware and packaging combined: 1990gram, 70.2oz

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