Pomegranate | Handmade Tea Set

  • $153.00

The painted pattern of this tea set is called "Pomegranate", symbolizing fertility. The style used is the classic blue and white "Qinghua" 青花. Additional layers of gold color fruits make the whole set more vivid and special. 

The height of this Gaiwan is in a medium size with a wide mouth to avoid burning of your fingers. To reduce the sense of heaviness, the artist left a half white space of about half the gaiwan.

When you purchase a unique tea set like this, it is important to not only consider its esthetics but as well the sort of tea leaves you´d want to prepare with it. This exquisite handmade tea set can be used for all kinds of high quality natural tea leaves.




Width:   10.1cm,  3.98''

Height:  7.6cm,  2.99''


Width:   7.5cm,  2.95''

Height:  7.1cm,  2.80''


Width:   5.5cm,  2.17''

Height:  4.7cm,  1.85''



Length:  34.9cm, 13.74''

Width:   26cm,  10.24''

Height:  13.5cm,  5.31''


Weight of the porcelain gaiwan:                   244.0 gram, 8.61oz

Weight of the server:                                    113.1 gram, 3.99oz

Weight of the cups (x6):                                50.5 gram, 1.78oz (10.68oz in total)

Weight of tea ware and packaging together: 2010gram, 71.25oz

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