Best Wishes | Porcelain Tea Set

  • $156.50

One Gaiwan and four porcelain cups, this beautiful white color set is without the tea server, for tea drinkers who have this server already. 

Just like the saying: "as pure as a jade, as thin as a paper", you can observe the color of tea through the almost transparent handmade tea cups.

Importantly you want to avoid burning your fingers when drinking tea. This is a side effect of using poor quality tea ware but won´t happen with this high quality handmade tea set.




Width:   10.1cm,  3.98''

Height:  8.8cm,  3.46''


Width:   6.5cm,  2.56''

Height:  4.5cm,  1.77''



Length:  34.8cm, 13.7''

Width:   29.8cm,  11.73''

Height:  13.5cm,  5.3''


Weight of the porcelain gaiwan:                   153.3 gram, 5.41oz

Weight of the cups (x4):                                33.9 gram, 1.2oz (4.8oz in total)

Weight of tea ware and packaging together: 1450 gram, 51.14oz

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