Wood Fired Tea Pot | Handmade Tea Pot

  • $119.00

This very special teapot was fired in a traditional kiln, powered by the pine woods Jingdezhen is famous for since centuries. As with Ru style porcelain, the glaze of wood-fired porcelain is unique for each and every piece. Because of the difficulties related to this traditional firing method (involving oxygen supply or even the weather) annual production of wood-fired porcelain is very low nowadays. This in turn results in a higher price level when compared to porcelain fired in modern kilns.

Wood-fired porcelain can be divided into two kinds: fired with glaze and fired without glaze. Porcelain fired without glaze can form a natural glaze during the process. The aroma absorbing pores inside of these kinds of teapot are the similar to dark-red enameled pottery, which can contain and “remember” the fragrance of a tea. Porcelain fired with glaze of has most pores “blocked” by the glaze or the ash throughout the firing process. Therefore its pores won´t contain tea and remember its fragrance. This kind of pot can be used for all kinds of different teas.



Width:   4cm,  1.57''

Height:  8.6cm,  3.39''



Length:  14cm, 5.51''

Width:   14cm,  5.51''

Height:  12cm,  4.72''



Weight of the porcelain cup:                   119.3 gram, 4.21oz

Weight of the packaging:                        567.1 gram, 20.00oz 

Weight of cup and packaging together:  686.4 gram, 24.21oz 


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