Ru Style Tea Pot | Handmade Tea Pot

  • $227.50

The raw material of this teapot is different from other products. It is referred to as “Hui Tai” 灰胎, which can be translated to “grey pottery”. The color of the clay body turns into an ash-grey shade after firing in the kiln.

“Ru” style tea ware (mimicking a very popular kind of porcelain during the Song Dynasty) requires firing at temperatures of 1300°C. This is not easy to control, so the amount of craftsmen capable of doing this is limited - one of the reasons for the high value of this kind of ceramics.

But the most amazing feature of this teapot is the style of its glaze. The fissures on the surface were not intended originally by the Song Dynasty porcelain artists but appeared as a natural result from the firing of this particular glaze and clay. Later on, the “defect” turned into the signature feature of this very popular style of porcelain. Thus, you can never find two completely identical pieces of Ru style porcelain, making it a truly unique piece of art.



Width:   4cm,  1.57''

Height:  8.8cm,  3.46''



Length:  13.8cm, 5.43''

Width:   13.8cm,  5.43''

Height:  11.5cm,  4.53''



Weight of the porcelain cup:                   237 gram, 8.36oz

Weight of the packaging:                        271.1 gram, 9.56oz 

Weight of cup and packaging together:  508.1 gram, 17.92oz 

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