A Tribute To The Tea Flower | Handmade Tea Cup

  • $45.00

The tea flower on this beautiful handmade tea cup is painted in the famous blue and white "Qinghua" 青花 style.The camellia flower, widely known as the tea flower, is not only a sign for healthy tea trees but as well the city flower of Jingdezhen.

This hand-made porcelain cup is white as jade and thin as paper. Notice as well the elegant golden rim on top of the cup. A true piece of art. 



Width:   6.3cm,  2.48''

Height:  4.9cm,  1.93''



Length:  10.9cm, 4.29''

Width:   10.9cm,  4.29''

Height:  8.7cm,  3.42''



Weight of the porcelain cup:                   35.7 gram, 1.26oz

Weight of the packaging:                        211.3 gram, 7.45oz 

Weight of cup and packaging together:  247 gram, 8.71oz 

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