The Multicolored Flower | Handmade Tea Cup

  • $29.50

This beautiful handmade tea cup is a typical example of the "Gucai" 古彩 style,which translates to "ancient colors. This means that its colors are limited to the range of the past.

The opposite style choice is "Xincai" 新彩, "the new colors". The most obvious difference between the two is that Gucai colors are elegantly muted (like pastel), whereas the Xincai style uses vivid colors without any limitations.

Adhering to the principles from the noble past, the flower decor on the surface of this cup includes red, yellow, green, blue and purple, all in muted shades. The origins of this style reach back to the Ming Dynasty but it stayed popular until long into the Qing Dynasty and is appreciated by porcelain connoisseurs until today.



Width:   6.0cm,  2.36''

Height:  5.5cm,  2.16''



Length:  11.5cm, 4.5''

Width:   11.5cm,  4.5''

Height:  11cm,  4.3''



Weight of the porcelain cup:                   32.3 gram, 1.14oz

Weight of the packaging:                        299.1 gram, 10.55oz 

Weight of cup and packaging together:  331.4 gram, 11.69oz 

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