Elegant | Handmade Porcelain Tea Cup

  • $46.00

This elegant blue and white color cup is a great example of how difficult it is too make something this wonderful: A mixture of different crafts, completely relying on different craftsmen's skills, this is how you produce wonderful porcelain, no machine can do this. 

The blue and white "Qinghua" 青花 style cup has an additional layer, which is called polychrome painting. The artist paints blue-and-white pigment on the original cup, before the baking. Afterwards, "Tianbai" glaze is added, which is the reason this cup looks very pure and moreover exquisitely carved. The last step in this process is to add polychrome pigment over the glaze, which is known as "overglazed" painting.



Height:  4.7cm,  1.85''

Width:   6.8cm,  2.68''



Length:  14cm, 5.5''

Width:   14cm,  5.5''

Height:  11cm,  4.3''



Weight of the porcelain cup:                   39.2 gram, 1,38oz

Weight of the packaging:                        423.8 gram, 14.95oz 

Weight of cup and packaging together:  463 gram, 16.33oz 


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