The Cup of the Endless Lotus | Handmade Tea Cup

  • $51.00

A great example of how wonderful a classic "Qinghua" 青花 blue and white decoration can be. The lotus flowers and leaves keep connecting in an endless way, like in a play. Their movements are never fast, they keep developing in a calm pace. 

This is a hand-painted piece of art, just perfect to enjoy your high quality artisan tea leaves, and a worthy representative of Jingdezhen´s famous blue and white style. Hereby a short overview of the area´s four main styles: 

- Blue and white porcelain

- Colour glazed porcelain

- Linglong porcelain

- Fencai porcelain

Visit our porcelain blog for more information on the different styles and history of porcelain made by artists in Jingdezhen!



Width:   6.2cm,  2.44''

Height:  4.5cm,  1.77''



Length:  11.0cm, 4.33''

Width:   11.0cm,  4.33''

Height:  8.6cm,  3.39''



Weight of the porcelain cup:                   35.2 gram, 1.24oz

Weight of the packaging:                        205.9 gram, 7.26oz 

Weight of cup and packaging together:  241.1 gram, 8.50oz 

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