The Bamboo | Handmade Porcelain Tea Cup

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This cup is made from the best quality Kaolin clay. Hand-made into a cup which looks like a part of a bamboo tree. It is glazed in "Tianbai" 甜白style, a famous way of production since the Ming Dynasty.

This special shape makes the cup look very vivid and clean. The wonderful white Kaolin clay is perfect for enjoying the best tea leaves. You can combine this tea cup with one of the Gaiwans and other hand made tea cups we offer. 

As with all the products The Porcelain Company offers, your purchase will get delivered in a wonderful and high quality package, making this handmade cup a perfect gift for tea lovers.



Width:   5.6cm,  2.20''

Height:  4.8cm,  1.89''



Length:  10.9cm, 4.29''

Width:   10.9cm,  4.29''

Height:  8.7cm,  3.42''



Weight of the porcelain cup:                   57.1 gram, 2.01oz

Weight of the packaging:                        210.3 gram, 7.42oz 

Weight of cup and packaging together:  267.4 gram, 9.43oz 


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