The Bamboo Hat with the Golden Foot | Handmade Tea Cup

  • $53.00

Wonderful light porcelain cup, made of local highest quality Kaolin clay by one of our Jingdezhen based porcelain artists.

If you turn the cup around, you will notice that the "sweet white" (Tianbai 甜白) porcelain is finished with a thin gold layer, which gives it an appearance of a bamboo hat. This is, of course, not a bamboo hat but a very elegant layer of 18K gold, which turns this already wonderful tea cup into a royal one.

Wide cups with small feet were amongst the first desigs of tea cups ever used in the history of Chinese porcelain. Hence the artist decided to paint its foot golden. 


Width:   8.1cm,  3.19''

Height:  3.8cm,  1.50''



Length:  14cm, 5.51''

Width:   14cm,  5.51''

Height:  11.5cm,  4.53''



Weight of the porcelain cup:                   40.7 gram, 1.44oz

Weight of the packaging:                        423.8 gram, 14.95oz 

Weight of cup and packaging together:  464.5 gram, 16.38oz 


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