The Iron Red | Handmade Gaiwan

  • $138.00

Is this simply a white Gaiwan, or is there more to it? The Porcelain Company only sells unique, handmade porcelain, so you might have already guessed the right answer.

This Gaiwan displays an artistic 'iron red' -style pattern as well as a beautiful golden layer. Both the 'Gai' (Cover) and the 'Wan' (Bowl) have an inscribed layer of the iron red style, which at first sight looks like a rough gold layer. At a closer inspection it reminds of an ancient Egyptian artwork.

The white porcelain contains the best Kaolin clay, strong enough to carry the weight of all this 'hidden' craftsmanship. A collector's item, only for preparing the best tea leaves!



Width of bowl:   9.2cm,  3.62''

Height of bowl:  6cm,  2.36''

Width of cover:  7.2cm,  2.83"

Height of cover:  3cm,  1.18"



Length:  14cm, 5.51''

Width:   14cm,  5.51''

Height:  11.5cm,  4.53''



Weight of the bowl and cover :                            145.1 gram, 5.12oz

Weight of the packaging:                                     419.9 gram, 14.81oz 

Weight of bowl, cover and packaging together:  565.0 gram, 19.93oz 

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