The Horse's Hoof | Handmade Gaiwan

  • $99.00

This "Tianbai" style Gaiwan resembles the hoof of a horse, in a way that the horse hoof holds the Gaiwan (the bowl and the cover). A typical example of wonderful "sweet white" porcelain, it makes your leaf tea looks like magic, like a shining light illuminating your tea.

The Kaolin clay used is called "Yuni" 玉泥: the purest of all Kaolin clay to be found in the world. To finalize this piece of magic, the artist decided to paint a gold layer on the edge of the bowl. We at The Porcelain Company cannot but agree, that this meaningful addition makes the final result even more esthetic.

Hold this Gaiwan and you will feel what great quality hand-made porcelain is; look at this Gaiwan and you will recognize the hand and mind of the artist. Another true piece of art from The Porcelain Company's exquisite collection.



Width of bowl:      8.2cm,  3.23''

Height of bowl:     5.4cm,  2.13''

Width of cover:     7.0cm,  2.76"

Height of cover:    2.5cm,  0.98"

Width of tea tray:  9.5cm,  3.74"

Height of tea tray: 2.5cm,  0.98"



Length:  14cm, 5.51''

Width:   14cm,  5.51''

Height:  11.5cm,  4.53''



Weight of the bowl,cover and tea tray:                              142.0 gram, 5.00oz

Weight of the packaging:                                                   419.6 gram, 14.80oz 

Weight of bowl, cover, tea tray and packaging together:  561.6 gram, 19.81oz 

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