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Tea from Tea Masters: A true gift from mother nature

by Renco Verhoef |

Have you ever tasted tea from tea masters? Have you ever wondered how blessed we all our to live on a planet like Earth?

Every day, millions and millions of organisms, phenomena like weather changes, tidal changes and so many other things are interacting and working together smoothly. This is what we call mother nature. And she contains everything – all the life, the vast universe, the lands, and the seas and the towering mountains.

What makes her majestic is that we never ask, we never help, nor do we ever need to find anything, she provides everything – always there to take care of us – to provide us with the best.

And, one of these is tea.

Tea Master's Tea

The natives of America and their healing teas, the subcontinent and its Indian blend and the Chinese therapeutic tea. How could one forget the British and their love affair with tea?

For more than hundreds of years, people from almost every corner of the earth has used tea. Whether you consume it hot or cold, we know it has wonderful benefits for us. It is full of antioxidants, has less caffeine compared to coffee and it is said to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes!

And our body understands this, which is why we feel so good after a cup of natural tea.

If you look at mother nature holistically, you find that she has something for everyone. She offers sunlight, water, and soil to the plants who absorb these all and through photosynthesis create nutrients and flourish. The animals are blessed as well since herbivores get nourished by eating plants and carnivores eat herbivores for nutrients. This creates the food chain that is sustaining everyone.

The reason this is sustainable is that that’s the way nature intends it to be. Mother nature created tea as a vessel that contains a wealth of nutrients, energy, and substances beneficial for human health.

Mother Nature is the ultimate tea master

Everyone understands that what grows natural is ten times better for us compared to something that uses artificial means like chemical fertilizers. Same is the case with tree teas which - when grown naturally - produce tea that is natural and tastes amazing.

Using man-made means like pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals to increase the yield will only make tea tainted. And when we use these tea leaves, we consume these chemicals easily as they never leave the tea leaves!

Mother Nature is the ultimate tea master.

It knows what the tea tree wants – water, sunlight, and soil (nutrition). The tea tree relies on its own system to use all these three to create nutrients which are both healthy for humans and beneficial for the environment.

When farmers hoping to earn more and increasing their yield, add in pesticides and fertilizers, they get plump leaves, but they also ensure that we consume these chemicals when we drink tea.

And what’s the biggest sign – pests don’t eat tea leaves using chemical fertilizers. Adding artificial chemicals contaminates the leaves and will do the same when we consume them for our tea.

Obviously, this is a process from quantitative change to a qualitative change. Similarly, the human body would also suffer a lot as time passes.

The farmer and fertilizers               

Do you know the story of a farmer who wanted to grow his crops fast?

Once upon a time, there was a farmer was in a rush to grow his crops. So he had an idea – why not pull up the seedling hoping to help it grow faster?

So, the next morning, he goes to each seedling on his field and pulls them to encourage faster growth. But he was in surprise. The next day, all his seedlings had withered and died.

The moral of this story is that everything grows at its own pace. And just like the farmer, adding in chemical fertilizers is like trying to pull them up. It will only contaminate the leaves and you will lose the original taste of the tea.

Too much yield, growing too fast, means that the local natural environment is out of balance, disturbed. We often make the mistake, thinking more is better, growing faster is better, but one day we will pay the price for that.

Do it nature’s way

If you think about it, we didn’t have to do anything before we had fertilizers and chemicals. We used to wait and received one of the greatest gifts ever. Mother nature needs nothing more than this state of “doing nothing”.

But like the farmer, we do not appreciate this gift and insatiably wanted more. We have changed the bio-diverse areas into monoculture, to grow tea farms quickly, we have used fertilizers. We even remove the grass and insects with chemicals and then add in colors and flavors to create different teas.

We are harming the food chain. We alter tea trees biology and damage the eco-system where plants, insects, soil and even water is affected. 

In brief, mother nature gives only what will be beneficial in the long run. And this is what we mean by sustainable tea from tea masters. Only through nature, through a food chain without additives or fertilizers, tea will be the most natural and healthy choice and will help us appreciate gifts from mother nature. This tea will grow forever, small diseases, small pests, will only make the bio-diverse tea area resilient, continuously adjusting to the ever-changing environment. 

Through nature, through a food chain without additives or fertilizers, tea from tea masters will be the most natural and healthy choice and will help us appreciate gifts from mother nature. 

Contribute to restoring this balance by drinking sustainable tea.

Choose nature, drink Teazaar natural tea.

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